About Christopher Jones

Christopher Jones has been a leading figure in the world of handreading for over 30yrs and was the Secretary of the Cheirological Society from 1989-1999 writing for and publishing their Quarterly Journal of Studies. During that time, he taught many handreaders who went on to become the expert cheirologists in their countries, including Israel, Spain, Croatia, Australia, Sweden, South Africa, Canada and the UK. The written works of his students are amongst the most esteemed books on handreading available today.

The author of over 15 books on cheirology, Christopher has written the definitive guide to the History of Handreading after five years of studying in the libraries of Oxford University. He pioneered original cheirological research into health assessment from the hand, the effects of meditation on the hand and the hands of criminals, amongst others and facilitated Advanced Cheirological Study seminars with noted handreaders such as Johnny Fincham, Lynn Seal, Johan Hejelmborg, Talma Brill, Laura Thornton and Chris Swain. Whilst at Oxford, he completed a Masters Degree in Philosophy & Theology and ran the Oxford Astrology Group with Charlotte Suthrell, combining psychological astrology with traditional Horary Astrology.

Christopher first took Refuge as a Buddhist in 1983 and whilst at Oxford, set up two Buddhist Residential Communities focused on meditation, dharma study and Buddhist Yoga. His training in esoteric Buddhism is infused into the practice of handreading to provide a thorough, erudite and enlightening perspective on how to live with integrity and authenticity.