Hands of Free Diver

Posted May 28th, 2021

The first thing to notice here is that this is a Fire-Earth hand with a fire skin texture. The ball of his thumb is extremely well developed, the Fire Zone is full, there is a Major Fire line and there is a straight Lower Minor Water line. The hand is exploding with energy and strength !

It’s not irrelevant to know that he was born and raised in Lithuania before coming to New Zealand.

Active Hand

First and foremost, this is the hand of a businessman. The Fire-Earth handshape and fire skin texture want to make money and they want to have a business to do that. When he was a younger man, he imported cars; basically he liked to buy and sell stuff (Earth) and make money from it. Trading and exchanging is a very Fire thing to be doing so, at least initially, there was a very strong interest in making money. And he has a Loop of Seriousness in the passive hand, so a desire to do something serious and worthwhile in his life, establish a career and be successful.

Of course, he also has four whorls showing that he needs independence and autonomy in his work – and, with the good moderately stiff thumbs, he is the CEO of his own successful business. With all that Fire, his current business is running a Medical Transport Unit, which is to say a specialised medical transport unit, taking medicines and equipment such as dialysis machines around the country. The humanitarian ending to the Major Water line in the active hand indicates that having a humanitarian aspect to his work is important to him.

In fact, he is the driver. So, he spends most of his days on the road, driving around the country from one city to another. Of course, this itinerancy of worklife suits the whorl on the ball of his thumb very well! On top of that, he owns a campervan and has just spent most of the last four months (NZ summer) living in his campervan and touring the country.

In terms of the double-loops fingerprint patterns, what was really interesting about these was he did not find them problematic at all. What he said to me was that the people who worked for him thought he was a fantastic employer – because he took their needs into consideration. The needs of the owner and the needs of the workers. As he said to, life is all about negotiation, working both sides to find a point of agreement.

He was very into sport when he was younger – he was a boxer. A Fire-Earth hand with Fire skin texture is commonly seen in the hands of people who are very physically active However, the well-developed Earth mount and the strong/full Fire mount are to be found in the hands of professional sportsmen – weight lifters, bodybuilders and boxers in particular.

With all this fire going on, the Water element gets very little look in – and there are evident problems with the Water element as shown by the Water line formation itself. What is interesting about his relationship with the Water element is that now he is really into spear fishing and free diving. In fact, he is so good at free diving that he can freedive ie swim underewater not-breathing for five minutes!

And what do we see in the hand that shows that ? Well the sporty hand features already discussed plus the extremely well-developed Minor Air lines! These are absolutely the stand-out features of these hands. Such strong Minor Air lines – and in both hands.

When I asked him how he was able to freedive for so long without breathing he said: “its all about negotiating with my body”. Again, a positive expression of the double loop fingerprint patterns.

* * * * *

Looking at his hands though, the obvious ‘problem’ area in his life is relationships – note the horizontal barlines on the top phalange of the Air finger. And this is actually what he came for a handreading for.

What I found most striking in these hands was the short, low-set Air finger and separated Major Air and Earth lines in the passive hand as compared to the normal Air finger and joined Major Air and Earth lines in the active hand. this clearly indicated a childhood trauma(s) which he had worked hard to overcome. We would suspect that the issue arose from his relationship with his mother – and this turned out to be true. She was so busy working that he was quite neglected by her. He has strong memories of being a very young child left behind at kindergarten because she ‘forgot’ to come and pick him up….. Both his parents were busy working to survive so he was basically left to his own devices and neglected as a kid. Where he grew up and in his family, he was taught not to show emotions – showing emotion is a sign of weakness.

This lack of overt emotional expression is shown by the formation of the Major Water line – it completely fails to rise up towards the fingers. Instead, it is rather low-slung, almost ‘pushed down’. In the passive hand, it droops down at the end with an Attachment ending, showing a need for emotional security and support. He got married when he was 17 yrs of age. The importance of a support person in his life is clearly shown by the distinctive Sister lines on the inside of both Major Earth lines, lines that are very often indicative of marriage. The line in the active hand starts around mid-teens and ends around aged 30. He just got divorced last year.