The Hands of Charles Eisenstein

Posted September 20th, 2020

Who is this man?  What does he do?  What are his interests?  What skills does he have ?  Well, unsurprisingly these questions are answered by looking at his hands!  There are some key features of Charles’ hands which are visible in these screen grabs, the most notable of which are:

Air Handshape (square palmar shape with long fingers)
Long Air Finger (little finger)
Long straight Major Air line (‘lower transverse crease’ or Head Line)

Immediately we can see that the Air element is strong in these hands.  The Air element shows a strong desire for communication and so those with Air Handshapes are drawn to work involving teaching, public speaking, writing and lecturing, languages, linguistics and translation work.  The handshape can be seen in the hands of academics in universities (such as the Tantric scholar Christopher Wallis) but also in the hands of those who have developed roles in the communications media that is Facebook, Twitter and You Tube (such as Russell Brand) – or even those who bridge both of those arenas, such as Jordan Petersen.

People with Air handshapes like to theorise about everything!  They want to get a perspective on things, they want to understand what’s going on.  They like to create mental maps of the world, considering opinions from many different possible angles to get the most complete possible understanding of things.  They read widely, entertain all sorts of different ideas and perspectives and then like to dialogue with others and communicate their discoveries to whoever will listen.

Long Air Fingers

In Charles Eisenstein’s hands, we see that he also has long Air (little) finger.  This finger should reach up to the top crease of the ring finger, his is far longer.  Those with long Air fingers are very talkative, they have a lot to say – you can’t stop them from talking at times!  They have a strong urge to communicate so are natural teachers and lecturers.  They have powerful oratorical skills and can be very persuasive.  Those with long Air fingers are generally more intellectual and more intelligent than most people and usually have a job which involves them talking for a living.  People with long Air fingers pick up languages easily and can be fluent in several – which gives them more opportunities to communicate with even more people !

Note the way that the Air finger sticks out from the hand with a wide space at the base of the finger between it and the ring finger.  This shows someone who is outspoken and who has unconventional views.  He likes freedom of thought and admires those who have independence of thought. That he is drawn to unconventional philosophies and ideas is also shown by the bent middle finger.

Long Major Air line

The third strong Air feature in Charles’ hands is the long, straight, clear Major Air line.  This line runs across the palm from the thumb side to the little finger side.  The straightness of the line shows that he is a logical and analytical thinker and has more of a scientific background than a purely spiritual one.  He is a speculative thinker that uses reason to get to his understanding of the world.  He has an interest in  psychology and philosophy as he likes to question the assumptions upon which ideas and beliefs are built as he wants to see what is going on ‘underneath’.

One other interesting thing to notice about his hand is how the index finger is bent towards the middle finger.  This shows that he is a little shy, perhaps a little lacking in self-confidence, and perhaps had a father who was strict or over-bearing.  Index fingers that are bent in this way can show a cautious and fearful nature, usually caused by early-life events or childhood trauma.


Charles Eisentein attended Yale University studying Mathematics and Philosophy. He speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese and has worked as a translator, an instructor at college and as a yoga teacher.  He is the author of four books, one of which has been translated into nine languages.

“I was born in 1967 and was a very sensitive, intellectual, and dreamy child. I was always consumed by questions like, “Where did I come from?”, ”Why am I here?”, “Where am I going?” so of course, embedded as I was in a culture that sees science and reason as the source of truth, I tried to “figure out” the answers. I graduated from Yale University with a degree in Mathematics and Philosophy, but my development of reason and intellect brought me no closer to any truth I really cared about.”

“I know that my books and other work comes from a deep, inspired source, but that source is not me! It is more like I’m connecting to a field of knowledge, or to a story that wants to be told. This knowledge is as much my teacher as it is anyone else’s.”