Fingerprints and your Karmic Path

Posted February 3rd, 2020

Your life lessons for this lifetime can be seen in the fingerprints on the ends of your fingers. Have a look at the fingerprint on your index finger – the index finger reveals your spiritual ideals and aspirations.

Loops (Water)
A vital role that loops play in life is to bring people together. With an abundance of loops, your purpose is to promote co-operation and inclusion, to ensure no-one is left out or left behind. You show the world how to live with flexibility and the power of compromise and acceptance. You seek harmony in human social and emotional interaction.

Arches (Earth)
Being ruled by the Earth element, the role of those with Arches is to provide support and a secure foundation, ensuring that people feel safe and have enough. Life questions around issues of nurturing others, creating a foundation for others to flourish like plants thriving in fertile soil. The strength of being a container, being able to hold space for others.

Tented Arches (Fire)
Your life task is to inspire and ignite, to enthuse others and illuminate the path to new possibilities. By taking risks and going in new directions, your initiative provides leadership.

Whorls (Air)
If you have whorls, your mission in life is to free yourself from the shackles of convention, to be a change-maker, to break the rules, to innovate, to find new ways of doing things. Show others how to be fearless in your individuality whilst applying that for the greater good.

Double Loops (Water)
Your life challenge is to rise above the confusion of duality to be the brokers of peace, offering reconciliation in situations of where there is dispute. Become the arbitrator and seek unity where there is conflict, create harmony where there is discord.

Radial Loop (Water)
The life path here is to seek acceptance of yourself and others, to find release from fear of judgement. Open up to be sensitive and receptive to others and lose concern over what other people think. Find stillness within and be a positive reflection of the best qualities of others.