What is Handreading?

Cheirology is the modern form of the ancient art of interpreting character and temperament from the shape and lineation of the hand.  It is not to be confused with ‘fortune-telling’ as its concerns lie more with the analysis and assessment of the patterns of a person’s consciousness than with describing one’s ‘fate’ or making ‘predictions’. Modern chirology is a powerful tool for gaining insight and self-understanding into who and what we are, a tool for the development of ourselves that we might live with more integrity and authenticity.

The system of hand analysis used today draws upon both oriental and occidental traditions of handreading and incorporates the relevant discoveries of both where these have proven themselves to be reliable through empiric experience. The scientific investigations into the hand in this century have established both the psychological and medical importance of the hand as a diagnostic tool.  Psychological researches have shown the significance of the patterns of the hand in many kinds of mental illness and genetic conditions such as Down’s Syndrome. Psychological hand diagnosis has also been used to considerable effect by psycho-analysts.  Scientific investigations have also shown that the fingerprint patterns are also of considerable diagnostic significance.  It is of course, widely accepted that the fingerprints are descriptive of our individuality.  Everybody has a unique set of fingerprint patterns and this simple fact has been put to considerable use by the police forces around the world!  The medical profession itself has long since used the hands in the diagnosis of disease, and in modern times particular attention has been given to the clinical significance of the fingernails.

Fundamental to the approach of modern cheirology is the interconnection and inter-reflection of mind and body.  The inner condition of the person is directly reflected in the outer form of the body, and in particular in the shape and structure of the hand.  Buddhist traditions of handreading provide the symbolism by which the features of both the handshape and lineation can be interpreted in a significant and meaningful manner.  The symbolic language of the five elements, Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether, is such that it enables the skilled chirologist to create a holistic assessment of the individual at every level of being.

Earth – Health Analysis  –  the hand reveals our genetic and inherited health tendencies as well as giving indications of our current state of health
Water – Emotional Expression –  the hand reveals the patterns and quality of our emotional experiences and can describe how we relate to others; it reveals our emotional and sexual needs
Fire – Vocational Guidance – the hand gives indications of our natural talents and abilities making it possible to delineate vocational options
Air – Psychological Evaluation  –  analysis of the hand has a role to play in the fields of both psychology and psychiatry and as a tool for enhancing self-knowledge and self-understanding
Ether – Spiritual Evolution  –  the hand reflects our spiritual orientation and spiritual development and hence chirology can also assist our spiritual growth