Patterns of karma and the Hand

Posted December 11th, 2019

The hand is a map of karma.

Whilst the fingerprints, as genetic markers, are indicators of past-life karmas that you have brought into this life, the lines of the hands describe your present patterns of suffering.

It is comforting to know that the lines of your hands change over time, especially in response to changing patterns of health and wellness.

The handprints below were taken in 1983 (in green ink) when this woman was 20 years old and 2018 (in red ink) when she was 55 years of age.

In the skin-ridge patterns of these hands, we can see dermatogyphic (skin ridge) indicators of a disposition towards cardio-vascular issues and poor circulation, which is now a significant physical complaint for her.

In the lines of the hands, and in particular in the lineal features to be found on the fingers, we can see the signs of the menopausal changes you would expect to see on a woman of her age.