Teaching and Studying Handreading

Posted June 10th, 2024

As of May 2024, I am now teaching Hand Analysis online and have established a six month ‘Handreading Immersion’ course comprised of 60hrs of live teaching in 20 weekly sessions on Zoom. It is an intensive and complete training in professional handreading, previously only available in person. As I only wish to teach students who are not only really serious about studying hands and have the strength of personality and the stamina and endurance to succeed in this most esoteric of arts, but who have the right attitude and orientation towards it, what that means is that there is a strict entrance procedure, with written work and an interview conducted as prerequisites for your enrollment.

As your teacher, I will draw on my many years of extensive research and practice of hand analysis to impart to you a system of hand analysis that will enable you to become one of the best handreaders in the world.  The approach to handreading that I developed has been used extensively by many people who have had 30+ year careers as professional hand analysts.  You will have the opportunity to study the same course material as people such as Johnny Fincham, Lynn Seal, Felicity Booth, Jenni Hirsch, Birgita Birath and Talma Brill, who all studied with me in the 1990’s. The success of these people is a testament to the quality of what they were taught and the efficaciousness of the elemental approach to chirology. Their success is your best assurance that studying chirology with me gives you the best possible shot at becoming a successful, practising professional handreader.

NZ Graduates of the Handreading Immersion 2023

My commitment to teaching is a highly personalised one and I adapt how and what I teach according to who I am teaching and the circumstances around that teaching. Actually, chirology cannot be taught, it can only be ‘caught’; and the only way it can be caught is by having a dynamic and interactive connection with a proper teacher.

It is also important to understand is that handreading is not a subject of study. Rather it is a function of perception.  The most important effect of studying handreading is how it changes the way that you see the world. A student has to be prepared to dissolve pre-conceived notions and ideas and change the way that they see. Studying chirology without effecting such a paradigmatic shift within consciousness just results in ‘palmistry’.

It is axiomatic that you can only see as far into other people as you have seen into yourself. If you don’t understand how patterns of consciousness create and perpetuate themselves within you, then you are going to be of no assistance in unravelling the challenges and conundrums that are presented to you in the hands of your clients!  The self-revelation that is the power of chirology starts with you.

For that reason, being a student of chirology is a highly personal and intensive experience.  You will feel exposed and revealed as you explore the significance of the different hand features that are the dynamic expression of your life.  You will be challenged on your limiting beliefs; you will be confronting your own historic traumas; you will be facing your past and how that has shaped and restricted you. You will go through a process that will enable you to liberate yourself of externally and mind-created patterns of self-understanding and instead root your life in the experience of the uniqueness of the individuality that is you.  And that’s scary; and that’s challenging.  And it requires you take responsibility.  And it requires the full apprehension that your life is in your hands. Handreading is not an easy skill to master – but it is made much easier by having an expert guide to help you though all of these things.

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