The Hands of Spiritual Leaders

Posted April 6th, 2020

In times of crisis, people turn to gurus and spiritual leaders for insight, understanding and guidance. The advice that they give can come in many different forms and will largely be dependent upon the spiritual tradition that frames their perspective; and also on the degree of personal insight and understanding that they have.

Fortunately, we have a line in the hand that reveals an individual’s depth of perception and the depth of their understanding – its called the Major Air line (Head Line). The longer this line becomes, the more we think about things, the more we consider things in every detail and from multiple perspectives. People with long Major Air lines like to think deeply about things for they realise that life is complicated and there are a multiplicity of factors involved in everything. It takes time to consider these thoroughly , it takes time to weigh up the information available from external sources.

Thich Naht Hanh

Moreover, the longer the Major Air line, the greater awareness there is that there is no such thing as a purely ‘externally objective world’. Facts there may be – but these are always appropriated to consciousness by the filters of perception. And those who have long Major Air lines think deeply about the contribution that consciousness makes to human perception. Its not that they live in a solipsistic world of subjective relativity, just that they are realised enough to know that things are not only what they seem.

HH Dalai Lama

We call people who think like this ‘philosophers’ or ‘thinkers’, ‘teachers’ or ‘wise men (or women)’. To find someone with such a depth of wisdom, look at the hands for the indications of a long Major Air line, especially one that curves down towards the bottom of the hand. Such people may or may not be enlightened – that depends on other features of their hands.
But they sure are worth listening to.